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NUM members down tools at Anglo Coal’s Kleinkopje colliery

Members of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) stopped working at Anglo American's Kleinkopje coal mine in Mpumalanga on Wednesday, demanding the removal of the general manager.


Eskom’s Medupi strikers make huge demands

Striking workers at Eskom’s Medupi power station construction site have demanded, among other things, a bonus of R10,000 for the successful synchronisation of Unit 6 as well as payment for a further 200 hours for each of the 13,000 workers on site.  


Sleeping while on duty: Severity and sanction

Few things are as enjoyable or relaxing as a nap when you know you're supposed to be doing something important. However, sleeping while on duty can be grounds for dismissal – just imagine an air traffic controller falling asleep at his desk - this is a dereliction of duty. After all, if you're sleeping, you're negligent as you didn't take the proper precautions to get enough rest to ensure you don't arrive for duty fatigued. How should you treat employees who fall asleep while on duty?


How to tackle substance abuse at the workplace: Case law

Earlier this week, I spoke about how – if you want to take action against an employee you suspect of abusing alcohol or drugs – you can legally do this, according to the Labour Relations Act (LRA). I described two cases that deal with this issue and this week, I will talk about five more.


How to tackle substance abuse at the workplace

Substance abuse by an employee can present you with a complex problem. It's often unclear how the situation should best be dealt with to ensure your solution is fair and effective - and doesn't fall foul of labour laws. When confronting substance abuse, you're faced with obligations under a number of laws. This article focuses on consequences under the Labour Relations Act (LRA) when you want to take action in response to an employee's suspected or known substance abuse, which is causing problems at the workplace.