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Improve networking with these insights

People who brand themselves powerfully earn more money and enjoy more success. Once you understand your unique personal brand, networking is the best way for communicating it to others. Networking events are so important because if you avoid networking opportunities or invitations to events, you run the risk of becoming invisible. It is the vehicle for transporting your brand to the world; however, there are a few things you need to be aware of about networking before diving in head first.


Strategic HR to the rescue of the human capital battle

Human capital is at the top of global organisations’ priority lists, however, confusion about how to leverage HR effectively prevents many companies from reaching their full potential.


HR: Process implementers or strategic contributors?

The role of HR has grown and changed to add more value to the organisation, particularly organisational strategy. But does your HR promote your strategy and contribute to the bottom line or does your HR department simply implement processes?


More confident women and inclusive environments are key to empowering women

While there are more women in leadership and management positions than ever before, the workplace remains a male-dominated terrain, with men still holding the majority of top positions in government, commerce and industry.


HR execution: The key to real business value

Having been exposed to different corporate environments in the last decade, particularly in the human capital technology space, for a long time I’ve tried to get my mind around the amounts of money and time spent in implementing technology solutions to improve business performance.