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MCI releases 2016 results of SA's biggest HR Recruitment trend survey

MCI Consultants, the largest distributor of HR Recruitment software in South Africa, today announced the results of its 2016 SA HR Recruitment trend survey that received 1 388 responses from HR professionals from across the country and a cross-section of organisation sizes.


6 Qualities to look for in your HR solution

Even the smallest companies are looking for human resources (HR) solutions that help them automate their HR processes and that give them information that helps them to make better HR-related decisions. The reason for this is simple: a good software solution will give time back to your HR and payroll managers and make their lives easier.


Social Media and work: An evolving discipline

With an increase in the use of social media, a joke doing the rounds tells the story that You Tube, Twitter and Facebook will migrate into one social media platform called YourTwitFace. Social media exploded and with 900 million Facebook users, 340 million tweets posted on Twitter and many more interaction on sites like Linkedin. Social media and the internet have literally taken over our lives. These days, people find it very difficult not to post pictures of their lunch or new puppy on Facebook or tweet about how many push-ups they managed to do in the gym or how many sales they made for the day.


The Role of the human resources leader

The roles of the chief HR officer, HR business partner, HR director and manager have had numerous articles written about these. Many conference hours have been devoted to this topic. Many HR Leaders and HR professionals consider Dave Ulrich's explanation of the role of HR and HR Leaders as the best there is so far. For the first time, Dave Ulrich, helped clarify the ways in which HR can add value to a business in tangible, measurable and practical ways.


Managers + temporary workforce: Avoid these costly decisions!

Global businesses are increasing their reliance on temporary labour (nearly 26% of the average workforce is employed on a short-term basis) and this has quickly turned into a trending long-term practice. With this change in labour practice, there is also a need for change in management processes.