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Sick leave abuse rendering SA businesses unwell

Despite legislation that clearly defines the management of sick leave for full-time employees, the issue of effective sick leave management and tackling abuse remains a challenge for most companies.


Are SA women ‘not ready’ for leadership positions?

South Africa scores poorly when it comes to the number of women in senior management roles. New research shows that women hold 28% of senior management roles in businesses with only 3% having a female CEO. This is 5% lower than the global average of 8% with 31% of SA companies having no women in senior management positions.


What to do when the cultural fit is just not right?

When taking up a new job offer we often underestimate the importance of finding an organisation with the right cultural fit. As individuals we thrive or fail in different environments. Helene Vermaak, Business Director at organisational cultural experts, The Human Edge, says that it is often difficult to gauge the company culture and whether the company will be a good fit for you prior to starting with the organisation.


How to break up - professionally

Breaking up is never easy to do – especially when it’s a professional relationship. Yet understanding the reasons why employees resign is one of the most valuable tools in an organisation’s arsenal. Here are three reasons why a good Exit Interview is worth its weight in gold. Local and international headlines have seen their share of high-profile resignations in recent months.


Is social media reliable for background screening?

Social media is an ever-evolving channel, which has taken the world by storm over the last decade. Today, Facebook boasts a registered user tally worldwide of over 1.8 billion and counting, while LinkedIn has approximately 106 million active users. These platforms are among a host of other social networking sites and their subscribers, who willingly share personal information, engage with their audience and express themselves on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that even the business world has embraced social media to supplement their research, marketing and public relations efforts.