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Recruiting social: Avoid the rockstars!

With the advent of social media has come the inevitable creation of new social media-focused positions across businesses large and small. In addition, a new global phenomenon has arisen where people have updated their CVs to include social media expertise and knowledge in the hope of increasing their employability. But in a world where every second person claims to be a social media guru, how do you – as an employer or recruiter – know who to hire?


Business analysts – connecting business and technology

Business analysis is a critical skill for 21st century organisations, and the global demand for good business analysts greatly exceeds the supply. Technology applications have moved out of the back office and into the consumer and social domain. While traditional IT systems still form the backbone of modern applications, business solutions as a whole have become immeasurably more complex and are now used by a range of stakeholders and users who are both demanding and technology literate. Consequently, the traditional IT function must design, develop, implement and maintain the complex systems that form part of the solution.


How to write an enticing job spec to attract the best talent

As a recruiter, you need to advise your clients – as part of their recruitment strategy – that it's vital for you to have a really good job spec for the position they need you to recruit for. A job spec needs to reach out and grab the attention of job seekers, and ultimately convince them that this is their dream job. Never underestimate the power of a well-written job spec. It should be concise, clear and accurate; typically one to two pages long, and should include the following elements.


How to design your recruitment strategy and job description when hiring IT professionals

I've been in the business of recruiting IT professionals for the past four years and I've never met such an interesting, intelligent and quirky bunch of people in my life. Taking this into account, I strongly feel that we need to consider the uniqueness of IT professionals in our recruitment strategy when we write job descriptions as well as the way we interview these people. Many IT professionals change jobs quite frequently as they constantly look for new challenges. These new challenges need to be highlighted in the job descriptions you write.


6 Career resolutions for 2014

Career resolutions 2014

The festivities have finally died down and a lot of you will be a few weeks into sober-January. It’s now time to focus on your career resolutions for 2014, or to advise your staff members about their career path quandaries. Here are a few suggestions. I suggest you write these down and put quarterly calendar reminders in place so you remember to review them.