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Find top talent through social recruitment

As the upsurge in social media use continues to promote the explosion of online communities around the world, the expanding reach of these channels makes them increasingly attractive talent-harvesting tools. We spend more time than ever on social networks, and forward-thinking businesses looking to capitalise on this trend have joined the online conversation to reach potential hires in a social and cost-effective way. Businesses that recognise social media's value in spreading an employer brand image and targeting the best talent can consistently attract the most qualified, suitable, and enthusiastic candidates. How?


Recruitment strategy: Would you rather receive a traditional CV or a link to a LinkedIn profile?

So you've made the decision to hire a new team member and your recruitment strategy needs to be informed by a very clear idea of what you're looking for. Companies go about the hiring process in many different ways. Some companies will advertise on career portals while others will look to their social media platforms - I see more and more companies advertising these roles directly on LinkedIn, specifically. Here comes the key question: would you invite a candidate for an interview based solely on their LinkedIn profile or would you still want to see their traditional CV?


How to fit e-cruitment into your recruitment strategy

Integrating e-cruitment into your company's recruitment strategy is possibly not as prevalent in South Africa as it is in other countries. According to an SA HR Recruitment Trend Survey that MCI Consultants conducted in 2013, 58% of organisations use social media as an integral part of their recruitment strategy. People have differing views on the value of e-cruitment and the secret is to ensure that as you engage with the different mediums, you build a large network of potential candidates. Read on to find out more about what we learned.


Executing a social recruitment strategy is only the start

Pushing the big red ‘go-live’ button on a social recruitment strategy is not the end of the process, but rather the starting point of the engagement. There are a lot more steps you need to go through before you can go live with your social recruitment strategy.


How to recruit young, graduate talent with Mxit

Mobile recruitment is taking off worldwide with Google reporting that one in five searches (this includes job searches) are now done on a mobile device. In South Africa - where about 40 million people now own a handset, cellphones are a powerful marketing channel. With mobile access to the Internet growing, targeting talent on the go will become essential in recruitment strategies, and Mxit is the ideal platform to do this on.