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SA - new call centre destination of choice

South Africa is fast becoming the new call centre destination of choice for large international firms, instead of countries like India and the Philippines, where the industry is well developed and thriving.  


Employers less likely to hire obese people

EWN reports that, according to a recent UK study, you are less likely to be hired if you are overweight or obese because people who are overweight are perceived to be less productive and so are less likely to be hired for jobs.  


What you need to know about the recruitment lifecycle

Hiring employees takes more than just posting an advertisement on a career portal, screening applications and running background checks. The recruitment and selection process -from start to finish - entails several stages, which are collectively referred to as the recruitment life cycle.


Move away from traditional ways of sourcing in your recruitment strategy

The current digital age has revolutionised how we source job candidates. It's become so easy simply, for example, to browse potential candidates' profiles on sites such as LinkedIn to see, at a glance, if they would be suitable. With the proliferation of recruiters and hiring managers using digital means to source candidates, most savvy individuals think twice before responding to any job advertisement for fear of suffering a 'cyber attack'. Rejoyce Ndlovu: recruitment team lead at Nambiti Technologies gives some advice to recruiters and hiring managers about new avenues to source candidates.


Why are we using out-dated weapons in the war for talent and employee management?

Those responsible for getting and keeping talent in business – as well as the business' employee management practices - often despair, wondering where they will find the skills needed to perform technically or creatively great work. Despite our digitally enhanced world, it sometimes seems as though our recruitment tactics haven't evolved much from the "Help required - enquire within" poster. So what recruitment tactics should we rather be employing?