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Creative industries are key to opening new jobs for SA youth

South Africa's marketing and advertising industry faces a shortage of a number of key skills, especially in the digital space. Yet, the country has a large pool of jobless young people hungry for employment opportunities. That means there is an excellent opportunity for South Africa's marketing and advertising sector to help itself and the broader economy by investing in skills development for the youth.


What are the benefits of an applicant tracking system?

While large companies will often look to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to assist with the recruiting process, they should rather be considering the benefits of using a dedicated application tracking system (ATS).


8 Easy ways for graduates to get ahead in their careers

It’s no secret that there are thousands of qualified people desperate for entry-level jobs in South Africa. If candidates are lucky enough to land one, how would they go about turning their first jobs into a successful, long-term career? Here is some valuable advice which you can give the next candidate you meet.


What are the most attractive industries in South Africa?

Historically, high unemployment rates and an extremely competitive labour market have been prominent features of the South African economy. The official unemployment rate, according to Stats SA’s Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) for the second quarter of 2012, is 24.9% - which is significant.


Taking the mountain to Mohammed with a click

Despite the high rates of unemployment, virtually every HR executive laments the lack of good candidates. This is true whether looking for drivers, artisans, service staff, professionals or knowledge workers. No matter what the position, the right people are simply not available.