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Protection officers unhappy over unfair discrimination

It seems as though overlooked members of the parliamentary protection services are unhappy about the speed at which new police officers have been recruited. The 69 disgruntled 69 protection officers have taken the national legislature to the labour court for unfair discrimination.

This is after parliament speedily recruited officers from the SA Police Service (SAPS) in July 2015 to become part of its protection services in a bid to enforce a new rule which provided for disruptive MPs to be forcefully removed from the House. Unfortunately the results of hiring police officers without parliamentary experience, at better terms and conditions, has resulted in tension.

69 protection service officers have approached the labour court seeking an order which would force Parliament to remunerate them and provide them with the same terms and conditions of employment as the so-called ‘bouncers’. The officers also want compensation “for having been discriminated against”.

Source: SA Labour News