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Shortage of posts leaves new pharmacists in limbo

The Pharmaceutical Society of SA (PSSA) has expressed concernover the lack of sufficient posts for pharmacists who have successfully completed their community service.

Based on this the PSSA feels that the government should not enforce the need to community service if they can't meet the demand of community service posts resulting in a large number of pharmacists being left unemployed.

Further more this enforcement has prevented newely qualified pharmacists to find employment within the private or state sector. There may be as many 129 newly qualified pharmacists who were supposed to start work this year and are without jobs‚ said Lorraine Osman, a member of the PSSA. She added that, while there were problems every year placing staff in community service posts‚ far more were out of work this year, forcing the society to publicise the issue. Seemingly, there has been an increase in the number of professionals trained‚ but not an increase in state-funded posts to absorb them.

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