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Humanscale debuts its most accessible sit/stand workstation

The height-adjustable workstation is today’s office staple for modern, forward-thinking workers. Leading global designer and manufacturer of ergonomic tools for the workplace, Humanscale, has responded to the need for workstations which adapt to different work styles and environments and has introduced QuickStand Eco.

A new addition to the popular QuickStand family of products, QuickStand Eco combines sleek user-friendly design with expert engineering. “Starting at an affordable price point, this is Humanscale’s most accessible sit/stand solution yet and will bring even more activity into workplaces,” said FormFunc Studio Managing Director Peter Kowalski. FormFunc is the exclusive dealer-partner of HumanScale in Southern Africa.

“Height adjustable desks have many benefits over fixed desks and open up the opportunity for a far healthier way to work. Standing desks used to be seen as a curiosity but that has changed, mostly in part due to research showing that the cumulative impact of sitting all day, every day, for your entire working life, is associated with health problems from obesity to diabetes to cancer.”

For first time sit/stand users or those who need a flexible workstation that is easy to set-up and can sit on nearly any desktop, QuickStand Eco is an ideal choice. “Humanscale’s QuickStand options provide smooth, instant transitions between positions without interrupting workflow, giving them incredible ease of use,” Kowalski said. QuickStand Eco features a self-locking mechanism that provides ultimate stability and functionality, so users can move frequently and easily throughout the day.

Built with Red List-free materials (a compilation of harmful-to-humans chemicals and materials compiled by the International Living Future Institute) and fewer parts for a smaller environmental footprint, QuickStand Eco is affordable and eco-friendly. QuickStand Eco is designed to accommodate a variety of heights and can support single or dual monitors up to 15kg in weight. This consumer-friendly option makes it easier than ever to integrate movement into the day for a healthier, more comfortable work experience.