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Health and safety

Ill workers’ R80m suit against Sasol ‘a warning for the entire coal mining’

Human rights lawyer Richard Spoor says that the civil suit against Sasol filed last week for a total of R80 million damages relating to lung diseases should serve as a warning for the entire coal mining industry.  


PPE that is not in the OSH act will save your employees’ lives

Safety first!

It's sad that, yet again, the issue of incidents, accidents and fatalities in the industry have come to the fore. Many of the responses to these dilemmas have been along the lines of "we must maintain or increase our safety standards at the operation beyond what the OSH act requires". Should we rather not upskill or empower our employees who're involved in our operations? Having considered some of the safety training materials in many organisations – as the HR manager you should be considering this when you select safety courses for your staff - it's made me ponder on what kind of PPE* will save a limb or a part of the body if an accident occurs.


Do we need ergonomics in the workplace?

Ergonomics South Africa

I’m often asked if we need ergonomics in our business environments. Employers often feel that the services we provide, as ergonomists, are ahead of our industry needs. To a certain degree, they’re right within the South African context as we’re thought of as a developing country. However, our country is unique because we have a developing nation equipped with first-world technology. What is the result of this?


How to manage 3 personalities in your office environment

Looking around any company, you will encounter many different people. With some, you will get on like a house on fire.  With others, you will constantly clash, but even at these moments, you need to acknowledge that it takes a variety of personalities for a company to be successful.  


How can organisations ensure better health and safety in the workplace?

Currently, Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) is receiving increasing attention in many industries. Business owners and employees are realising the far-reaching consequences that the changing legislation can have on their businesses and workplaces in general.