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10th Annual HR Africa Summit incorporating HRD Expo


The 10th Annual HR Africa Summit is the most authoritative, broadest and longest running event in Africa dedicated to the HR profession and incorporates the industry’s leading exhibition - the HRD Expo.


We live in the mobile office era and HR is following suit

Mobile pastel payroll Self Service app

Today, you no longer have to be office bound to get your work done because your business is where your smartphone or tablet is. So if your core business can be conducted out of the office, it makes sense that your business’ support functions – such as payroll and HR –should have the same flexibility. One of South Africa’s foremost businesses also thinks so…


3 Lessons I learned about big data

A term that has been popping up all over the place recently is ‘big data’. It has taunted me on Twitter, leered at me from LinkedIn, frolicked on Facebook and gallivanted all over Google +. And when I could take it no longer, and screamed: “Yes, I can see you’re there so I suppose that it’s time for me to find out more about you!”, I made the decision to attend the Going Big on Data event which was held at the Gordon Institute of Business Science.

And I am so glad that I went because I learned A LOT!


5 things I learned at the Global Success Summit

At the beginning of this month, the HR Pulse team attended the Global Success Summit at the Sandton Convention Centre. The 5 000-strong audience drank in every pearl of wisdom the sample of world’s most successful business leaders shared about how they became successful in their chosen fields.


Organisational Development: What’s that?

I hate to admit that when I was at business school, organisational development (OD) was my least favourite subject as there were always reams of information to read but never any point to it. No one ever told us how to “do” OD.