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Leverage your personal brand through building relationship capital

Building 'relationship capital' entails building your relationships, with key people, up so that these associations can become beneficial to you and ultimately build your personal brand. The question is: how do you leverage your personal brand through building relationship capital? I spoke with Donna Rachelson, CEO of Branding & Marketing YOU, clarify this question and found out some incredible tips and insights to guide women at work on the path to creating a unique personal brand!


Who should be in charge of the employer brand: HR or marketing?

When asked to define a 'brand', people give a variety of different answers. However, what they do agree on is that a company's brand is the sole responsibility of the marketing department. However, what about the company's employer brand? Which department is responsible for this – HR or marketing? There is an argument that both departments can work together on this function.


Employee vs employer branding: Who owns that social media brand? – Part 2

Last week, I spoke about how to strike the balance between employees' desire to express their personal brands on social media and the need to control company brand image and communication. Today, I'm going to address the following: If an employee has used company resources – e.g. work time, Internet bandwidth and intellectual property – to build their personal brand, does the company have claims to the employee's personal brand?


Employee vs Employer branding on social media: Who owns the brand? – Part 1

Gone are the days when companies could rigidly control their company brand image by publishing vague press releases and issuing guarded PR statements. Employees now hold the power over your company brand image and with just one astute Tweet, they can become either your greatest brand ambassador or worst PR disaster. As social media usage has soared so too have the numbers of people touting shiny personal brands and tags, such as 'thought leader', brand ambassador and trend setter. So how do you strike the balance between the desire among employees to express their personal brands on social media and the need to control company brand image and communication?


Why knowing and telling your organisation's story is essential to success

Many years ago when he was still starting out, Sam Walton (founder of Wal-Mart) was at one of his stores when he overheard a customer complaining to a cashier about a fishing rod he’s recently bought: “I was really excited to take my boy fishing for the first time but then the rod broke! Our whole trip was ruined!” Without a word, Sam walked over to the sporting goods section, picked out the same rod and presented it to the customer, offering his deepest apologies.