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What present-day CEOs can learn from those who will succeed them

Next generation leaders are more optimistic than CEOs about economic growth, but more pessimistic about cybersecurity, education and trust in business.

These are the key findings from a new report by PwC in collaboration with AIESEC, an international student organisation that contrasts current and next generation leaders views on growth, education, technology and business responsibilities.


Leadership agility the key differentiator for success

Perhaps at no other time in history has adaptability been more important for good leadership than it is now. The nature of the global economy, the impact of the digital era, and diversity in the boardroom and in the workplace have transformed what is required for successful leadership. Today’s leaders need to demonstrate one key competency above all others: the agility to operate and think in a number of different ways, according to Leon Ayo, CEO of Odgers Berndtson Sub-Saharan Africa.


The 5 best practices to retaining top talent

In the quest to become a stable, high-performance organisation that is simultaneously seen as a great place to work, it can seem like a daunting task to understand the nuts and bolts of successful employee retention. After all, what works for one employee, doesn’t work for another. So what’s the secret?

Global best practice. These are the measures that in their varying guises have been found to be at the heart of every successful organisation. These measures don’t only make for dedicated high-calibre staff who are in it for the long haul, but for excellent bottom line results too.


On blending talent, organisational design and technology

After a number of recent projects, I have decided to share my ideas around the relationships, effects and results relating to talent pool or platform management, organisational design and automation and how when correctly combined can result in the creation of significant competitive advantage.



The war for top talent, across industries, is fiercer than ever before and - with access to company information and reviews available online - candidates who are the best-of-the-best in their field can easily eliminate a business from their list of potential employers for reasons which may not be on your radar.