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Are learnerships the solution to skills shortage in South Africa?

 We often equate unemployment with a lack of available jobs but one of the key issues at the heart of unemployment in South Africa is an inadequately educated workforce.  Statistics South Africa recently revealed that 27.7% of the South African population is unemployed with 54.3% of that being the youth. Skills shortages have been identified as one of the main factors in unemployment rates and there is a general consensus that South Africa needs to increase the overall skill level of our entire population.


Building talent, developing technology industry leaders from within

South African companies are in dire need of skilled and experienced ICT professionals, particularly software developers, coders and data analysts. As a result, for those companies that employ these professionals, staff retention is an ongoing challenge. While many companies approach talent acquisition and retention from a purely monetary point of view, offering higher salaries and benefits, Gareth Hawkey, CEO of enterprise software developer redPanda Software, asserts that job satisfaction and career advancement are as important.


Recruitment practices may stifle diversity

Whether organisations are using a recruitment consultancy or an internal HR department to recruit, the role of the recruiter is critical when hiring the most applicable and capable candidates. Yet, recruiters are overlooking an indispensable element, diversity, in favour of the X-factor.


How to make meetings bearable for millennials (and everyone else)

Think back to the last time you attended a meeting with millennials. Did they seem disengaged? Distracted by their devices? More interested in what was happening on the other side of the window? Could you not help but think back to when you were that age, when you diligently recorded appointments in paper diaries; when you paid attention to every word that was spoken during long internal meetings; when email and mobiles were only just entering the workplace and collaboration was a face-to-face exercise?


Financial stability and lack of support structures prevents SA women owning businesses

If you’re a South African woman who is thinking of going into business for yourself, yet fear the financial risks of doing so, you are not alone. New research conducted by Livingfacts commissioned by Sage Foundation, reveals that more than 50% of women believe corporate jobs are ‘a safer option’.