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Who you are is up to you

The 30 second elevator pitch, your next social media update, your LinkedIn profile, and the answer to the question ‘tell me about yourself’ are all opportunities to make a great first impression. According to Donna Rachelson, founder of Branding & Marketing YOU, they are also ideal occasions to showcase your own personal brand.


4 Ideas to ensure you are ready for the agile workforce

Most companies are under pressure to grow their businesses while they try to get a grip on the changing business landscape, technology and also customer behaviour. This means leaders need to become better equipped to lead the organisation’s people through constant and rapid change. They need to build a more agile workforce that is ready to adjust to the evolving needs of the market. I must also add that this goes beyond offering flexible working hours or the ability to work from home.


Motivate Your Staff Through the Right Kind of Performance Acknowledgement

The workplace is all about teamwork. When employees recognize that they are contributing to the success of their company together, they become more individually creative, cooperative, and effective in their jobs. But, they need more than self-recognition and self-motivation to feel that they are valued. Study after study has shown that workers perform better with performance feedback and recognition from their managers that highlights their strengths and contributions.



The Employment Equity Act (EEA) effectively prohibits sexual harassment of employees by other employees and holds the employer liable in such cases even if the employer does not know that the sexual harassment is going on. Specifically, section 60 of the EEA provides that, if the employer fails to take the steps necessary to deal with unfair discrimination or sexual harassment and it is prove that an employee has contravened the relevant provisions, the employer must be deemed also to have contravened that provision.


The value of integrated selection assessments

Recruitment and selection is one of the most important, time consuming and costly processes that all companies need to go through. The ultimate goal is to find the most talented employees to support and grow the business - yet there is always the risk of making the wrong hiring decision, with all of the expensive implications. With this in mind, it makes sense that 75% of Fortune 500 companies make use of psychometric assessments to help them make more objective selection decisions.