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HIV Prevention and Education in the Workplace

Since the world was made aware of HIV and Aids in the early 1980s, many programmes have been rolled out with the aim of educating people about the disease thereby minimising the spread.  Despite the many programmes and organisations working towards creating awareness of HIV, the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed that at the end of 2013, 35 million people were living with HIV. A UNAIDS report, released in July 2014, further highlighted that 19 million of the 35 million people living with HIV globally did not know their HIV positive status.


Mind the Gap!

Minimising the decline of women in peak years in the workforce

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that the labour participation rate of women in the U.S was 56.7%[1], the lowest it has been since 1988. From leaving employment to care for children or elderly relatives, or deciding not to return from maternity leave, there are various factors which are contributing to this dip in the female workforce.

This overarching absence of women in the workforce is particularly high when it comes to women approaching their peak earning years. Employment amongst women aged between 45 and 54 has dropped more than 3.5 %[2] since the end of 2009, equating to over one million less women in the labour force.

Organisations of all sizes and industries may be affected by this gap in talent.but there are some top tips to help businesses to prepare for and act on these considerations in order to minimise the impact of this growing trend.


Cloud offers a new competitive edge for business

As corporate, financial and human resources become strained, company executives are starting to look at more cost-effective ways of deploying and managing their phone systems. Cloud voice solutions are witnessing significant adoption, especially in the small to medium business arena.

Cloud voice solutions are now being seriously viewed by larger organisations as viable, efficient alternatives to complex, on-premise systems that require a huge capital financial investment along with costly skilled staff. The future of any business is becoming more unpredictable than ever before, it is crucial to secure the most advanced technologies without having to spend significantly on hardware. Cloud VoIP PBX offers businesses a new competitive edge as it is inexpensive and immediately available.


What can a broken speedometer teach us about giving feedback?

If you are an HR executive or a leader in a business function, you might know the challenge of ‘giving more feedback’. If you are working in the field of HR, the following article might help you to make your executives aware of the importance of feedback.

Imagine the speedometer of your car stops working. Unfortunately your workshop of choice is closed, so you just carry on. For a few days everything is fine as you have been driving long enough to accurately guess your speed. Things change, however, on a long drive across the country. Suddenly you see a police car in your back mirror with flashing lights and a siren instructing you to stop the car.


How to keep your employees happy and motivated

There are many personality types in every organisation. However, the two main personality types in most organisations are: motivated and de-motivated employees. Employee motivation is the combination of fulfilling the employees’ needs and expectations from their work and their environment. Your role as a leader or manager is to keep your employees fuelled so that they can perform at an optimal level. This can often be very challenging so here are a few effective tips to keep your employees motivated and inspired in their roles.