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The need for software developer and business analyst duality

Today's complex and competitive business landscape is calling for a shift in the role of the software developer as we currently understand it. Increasingly, businesses are looking towards a particular hybrid of software developer and business analyst – someone who can scope and design software architecture while simultaneously considering business and stakeholder needs.


One’s first pay check: can it last until retirement?

You've probably seen it many times before in bright-eyed graduates you've hired. Investing in their future and eventual retirement are probably the last things on their minds. These shouldn't be. Too many people wait until they are older to consider their retirement options. In fact, careful financial management should be a lifelong habit that starts with one's first pay check. Being disciplined about saving and effective financial management makes all the difference between just scraping by in, or sailing through, financial emergencies and enjoying comfortable retirement sooner rather than later.


New labour legislation puts brakes on labour brokers

The new labour legislation that came into effect in 1996 severely hamstrung employers in the way they dealt with their employees. In 2002, labour legislation was again drastically amended to constrain employer rights even further. This year's labour legislation amendments have hammered down the lid on business flexibility.


Director's dissent: where your undue silence will be used against you

Time and again, business reports have revealed how many organisations have seen their demise as a result of their nonchalant board of directors. Yet in so many of these cases, the directors somehow seem to get off scot-free and stakeholders are left counting the costs. While there may be a variety of reasons for the collapse of organisations, one of the most often over-looked areas for an organisation's inability to perform optimally - and hence its failure - may be found in directors who don't take a stand against issues they know are undesirable, or even detrimental, for the organisation.


Is indiginisation the answer to unemployment in South Africa?

Since the 1960s, indigenisation strategies have been on the agenda for many countries including Australia, India, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Thanks to BBBEE legislation, a number of small businesses have benefited from the vital support of various enterprise development programmes in South Africa. However, South Africa has a number of challenges hindering socio-economic growth, and indiginisation of production can become a great contributor towards up-skilling and moving more people into employment. Industries such as transport, manufacturing, construction, energy and mining can benefit significantly from having access to more diversified levels of skills locally. How?