Africorp Specialised Assessment Solutions

Selection Assessments

These assessment are utilised to assess which candidate would be the best fit for your company’s vacancy. Best matching is implemented through investigating the optimal balance between job profile, experience and personality to achieve the best corporate culture fit. Ultimately aimed at achieving higher job satisfaction, productivity, employee engagement and retention.

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Personal Development Assessments

Aimed at identifying an individual’s strengths and development areas within an occupational environment, as well as at a personal capacity, this assessment battery is designed to assess the individual on various aspects such as cognitive ability, learning potential, personality-job fit and individual preferences. The individual is placed on a performance/potential matrix to help identify key performers, future stars and diamonds in the rough. These assessments include a Personal Development Plan to assist the individual in addressing the identified development areas and ultimately improving on productivity and efficacy.

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The Thinker and the Feeler

Team Cohesion Workshops

Through utilising the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), this one-day workshop is beneficial to both existing and newly formed teams. Individuals are offered the opportunity to gain insight into their own personality preferences as well as a better understanding of the personality preferences of those they work with. This workshop is aimed at 1) identifying possible conflicting behaviours within a team and work environment and 2) identifying complementing behavioural facets that can be utilised in a team setting. It also provides the methods to address team member personality contradictions and improve team cohesion.