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HR pulse is a B2B online publication filled with relevant information on how to tackle your employee related questions and issues. Our publication is considered vital reading for anyone who manages employees or owns their own business.  We have 39 211 monthly page views,a monthly audience of 26 931 as well as a monthly session of 30 215 with 84.11% new sessions. 

Our yearly stats are ( May 1 2016- May 12 2017):

statsOur audience includes:

  • HR directors,CEOs,MDs and CFOs
  • HR managers,consultants and professionals
  • Skills development,middle and talent managers
  • Wellbeing officers,clerical and administrative professionals

Get your brand in front of HR professionals!!! We have a number of skilfully designed, well-executed products to help you leverage off our database and give you the maximum return for your efforts. Our advertising spans from traditional banners to interactive tools as well as content marketing.

  • Banner advertising

We offer 7 prime positions, on our website and in our newsletter, in which you can place a banner to advertise your company, products and/or services. With these expertly designed banners – your offerings will be put right under the nose of our audience. Just the people who you want to talk to.

 HR Pulse banner advertising

*Example of leader board banner and skins

We also have tools and event banners that our audience can benefit from. And have recently introduced HR vacancies.

HR Pulse Tools 1

  •  Press office


With Google's latest change to its algorithms, authors' original articles are ranked more highly than any other content out there. This means you need to publish articles written by you, about your company, as much as you can so you can take your place proudly on page 1 of Google's search results.

Our press office package will help you do this.

The press office takes the form of a miniature version of your website in which you can publish articles on, for example, your new products, any awards you might have received or new faces who've joined your company. Aligning yourself with us will give you direct exposure to your target market – all thanks to our stellar SEO rankings.

 HR Pulse VPO example

  •  Newsletter advertising


When you think of a 'newsletter", you probably think of an e-mail, which advertises the services of a third party, whose e-mails you don't subscribe to but you get anyway. Although this approach may work for some companies, we've found that it doesn't work for us. This is why we offer companies the opportunity to advertise their products, services and/or events in our newsletter.

HR Pulse newsletter advertising

Take it a step further and get your audience in one room!!

In order to create more personal networking and brand association with the HR Directors of South African companies HR Pulse can run roundtables with these key executives, in co-operation with the Sponsor.

We would follow the same system and model as we currently use with CIO roundtables in our reputable Brainstorm magazine i.e. a tried and tested business plan.

“HRD Roundtables”

Hr Pulse wants to run face-to-face HR Directors roundtable exclusive events on a regular basis. We would bring together a selection of South Africa's HR Directors to discuss debate and share insights around a particular topic on a 'by invitation only' basis.


• Lead generation, in terms of access to HR Pulse and iFacts database of HR Directors.
• Provides HR Directors and Executive level HR decision makers with a chance to interact with one another in a dedicated forum,
• Enable the event sponsor the chance to position itself as a thought leader in its chosen field,
• A chance to network with these key decision-makers to discuss issues, pain points and solutions,
• Better awareness of what really matters to potential clients
• Coverage of the event in the form of a dedicated portal published on HR Pulse and e-newsletter and further archived in a dedicated portal called “HRD Round Tables.
• Online publication of this article can also be used as sales support material.
• This product also enables segment marketing managers to meet KPIs and demonstrate a funnel for lead generation to assist sales to meet their requirements
Print Advertising:
• 1 X Skins advertising on homepage (client to supply complete material).
• Full coverage,including logo (writing and photography included).
• Attendance at the event, where the sponsor will be able to hand out relevant information and interact with the guests – face to face.
• Guests lists will be jointly determined by HR Pulse and the sponsor, and HR Pulse personally invite the chosen HR Directors or Executive HR decision makers.
• HR Pulse has a comprehensive list of HR Directors and Executive HR decision makers within different sectors.


For all HR information and advertising, contact Sibongile Gura on (011) 807 3294 or email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.